■ Device can work indoor and outdoor
■ Easy to use and can be moved at any time
■ Uses motion detector and a burst of unscented, cold spray
to deter various species of animals
■ Burst range is up to 2 meters
■ ABS material – long life
■ Eco-friendly
■ Non-flammable
■ Device’s motor can operate more than 300.000 times
■ Specially designed motion sensor, detects even the smallest of
■ Operates on 3V lithium batteries (3xCR123)
■ 5 years warranty


■ Dimensions : 26 cm (H) x 9 cm (D) x 9 cm (W)
■ Weight : 525 g (without spray can and batteries)
■ Power supply : 3 x CR123 lithium 3V batteries
■ Life span of motor : 300.000 activations


■ Indoor and outdoor protection
■ Apartments, houses, basements, garages, storage units
■ Roofs, patios, porches, windows, outdoor antennas, outdoor air
conditioner units, fences, balconies
■ Gardens, lawns, yards

Argus Animal Prevent animal repeller is an automated spray system that combines spray technology with a motion detector to protect indoor and outdoor areas and objects from various species of animals within the range of 2 meters. Argus Animal Prevent animal repeller detects movements of small and big animals like: dogs, cats, all bird species, martens, dormice, mice, rats, rabbits, roes, raccoons, etc. and then releases a brisk, harmless spray.

Animal prevent promo

Animal prevent in action!

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